• KITRY EHS is a 100% Embedded software, enabling it to offer customers all Oracle products necessary for the operation of the solution.

  • Our Maintenance Agreement covers KITRY solution and the ORACLE products.

Supported Operating Platforms

- Windows Server xxxxx
- Linux xxxxx
- HP Unix xxxxx
- Sun Solaris xxxx

Development Platform

Kitry EHS is based upon Java hence Java applets needs to be allowed to run on the Desktop of the EHS users.


  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, including the following options:

    • Real Application Clusters

    • Partitioning

    • OLAP

    • Data Mining

    • Spatial

    • Advanced Security

    • Label Security

    • Database Vault

    • In-Memory Database Cache

    • Advanced Compression

    • Active Data Guard

    • Total Recall

    • Real Application Testing.



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