Kitry-EHS is a specialised application solution. The solution is built upon modules, which together offer complete functional coverage of the legal and operational requirements of the medical and risk prevention services. These modules, can be implemented together or separately depending upon the requirements.It is an evolutionary solution built around libraries of functional components which constitute a 'framework'. This architecture enables us to select the components necessary to deliver required solution. The depth of the solution is a factor which is taken into account from the very start of the design of EHS, any complementary developments which may prove to be necessary are integrated naturally into the solution.The Kitry approach brings together the service providers for health and safety and fully involves the management of human resources and data-processing in order to deliver an integrated solution. Moreover, this solution is available in several languages and is completely adapted multi-site operation. Kitry-EHS integrates with the Client's HR system if desired.EHS is a user friendly and easy to use solution thanks to continuously ongoing thorough ergonomic research.


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