In terms of Services Kitry can offer a wide range of Services, everything from Strategies to Project Management as well as Change Management and of course last, but not least, Training.


In respective area we provide services our consultants (depending upon role) are well familiar (even certified) in known "Best Practices" such as PRINCE II, ITIL, ISO20000, BPMN etc.

Although managing Health & Safety in a Workplace is highly regulated today there need to be a Strategic approach on how to integrate and implement EHS before taking the next steps. 

Before any type of development can take place there need to be a phase of Analysis and create a suitable Design and approach. 

Transition is a general term for moving from one stage into another stage i.e. Manage Changes. This applies both to Business Changes as well as more Technical and Operational Changes.

Training is an extremely important area when implementing a new/changed way of managing the Business as well as from an operation/technical perspective. For every Client there might be various ways of conducting the Training but below outline some well proven approaches to Training and later on Support (see Support).



Operation & Support is normally taken care of by the Client's own organisation in most cases. However, there are options where Kitry (through a 3rd Party) can provide the operations of EHS. Support is always initially taken care of by the Client's own Service Desk (1st level) and then perhaps forwarded to 2nd level which normally is the Key User (or Operations if technical issue) within the Client organisation.Kitry, regardless of implementation option, will always act as a 3rd level Support function for functional issues.


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