For example, in the event of the need to search for and substitute a chemical component which has been re-categorised by regulation as 'CMR' (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Repro-toxic), KITRY-EHS makes it possible to immediately identify all the products which contain this chemical component, all the places where these products are used in the company and possibly all the employees who were exposed and their exposure duration.

The data is clearly structured and can be linked with workplace hazard definitions, in order to optimise exploitation by search and retrieval tools and statistical analysis tools.


  • search and retrieve all the workplaces where products incorporating component X are used,

  • earch and retrieve all carcinogenic products, CMR (cancer, mutagenicity, reproductive toxicity group)

  • search and retrieve all products to which risk phrase R20 applies

  • Risk Assessment

  • Exposure Monitoring

  • MSDS

  • Chemical Products Use Authorisation Management

  • Action Tracking

  • Questionnaires & Audit.

Work Accidents

KITRY-EHS provides an integrated module for the management of industrial accidents

  • Accident recording and investigation

  • Accident reports to authorities

  • Accident Statistics.

Exposure Monitoring 

  • KITRY-EHS can be delivered with an optional module, which enables the planning, management, recording, evaluation and reporting of all necessary exposure measurement and exposure monitoring

  • This module has been designed to meet the needs of the professional industrial hygienist and to allow simple, structured reporting of aggregated measurements and statistics, for example: area monitoring reports, substance monitoring reports, personal monitoring reports

  • It includes facilities for routine and non-routine (incident) monitoring.


The data captured has been designed to meet recognised industrial hygiene standards, recommendations and current best practice, including the recommendations of the ACGIH -American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists.

Complementary services


  • Documents Management

  • Secure access

  • Legal documents required by country

  • Action tracking

  • Data archiving and restoration

  • Interfacing to other systems

  • Hotline support

  • Maintenance contract


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